You can get used to anything, I guess, if you’ve been there enough.
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Amok Train (1989)


8 Underrated horror Movies 


The absolute pinnacle of the “torture porn” trend in my opinion. Far better and more intelligent than all the Saws and Hostels rolled together. Adapted from a classic Clive Barker story about an experiment in inflicting a person’s worst fear, this movie takes the concept, expands on it and changes just enough so to surprise fans of the book.  

Blood Creek

Brothers Henry Cavill and Dominic Purcell head out on a mission of vengeance but soon find themselves caught up in an occult experiment headed by Michael Fassbender’s undead Nazi. An action horror with Zombie horses starring Superman and Magneto is a movie you shouldn’t miss.

Session 9

Creepy atmosphere tinged with a looming dread pervades every shot of this feature  as an asbestos removal team go to work in an abandoned asylum and uncover chilling secrets. Stars David Caruso, Josh Lucas and Peter Mullan.  


Cop Al Pacino goes undercover in New York’s gay S&M subculture to track a killer targeting homosexuals. Every scene oozes menace, whether it’s a threat to our protagonist’s life or to his sexual identity. Directed by William Friedkin (The Exorcist) and boasting an excellent supporting cast and quality soundtrack. This is also one of Quentin Tarantino’s favorite movies. 

Prince of Darkness

Carpenter’s most overlooked yet one of his best. Priest Donald Pleasence assembles a team of physics students to try and prevent the Devil returning to Earth. Has everything you love about Carpenter films, plus Alice Cooper.


Psychiatrist Willem Dafoe takes wife Charlotte Gainsbourg out to a cabin in the woods to help her overcome grief for their lost son. She is haunted by a sense of a lurking malevolence within the woods a sense that drives her to some extremely disturbing behavior. Director Lars Von Trier presents an intelligent, arty yet unflinchingly extreme horror you won’t forget-but might want to.

The Broken

Following a car accident Game of thrones’ Lena Headey is haunted by visions of a woman who looks just like her. She soon finds all of her acquaintances begin acting strangely, but is it all in her head? A little seen gem, another with a tense, claustrophobic atmosphere.


Gory, anarchic fun in the vein of Evil Dead 2. A group of various stereotypes and archetypes hole up in a bar in the middle of nowhere as flesh eating monsters lay siege from outside. Also stars one of my personal heroes Henry Rollins playing against type as a sleazy, dimwitted life coach.


"There are things that happen in the comic that you absolutely have to put in the show, otherwise you’re not doing the comic justice." - Robert Kirkman

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Stitches (2012)

In your closet full of clothes, you say you have nothing to wear. Be that selective in a room full of men.